Group assignment 2022


TASK 3 / Group assignment 

Project work in groups on scale 0-5 (0=fail-5=excellent) (60% of the grade) 

Assessment criteria: Creativity, Critical thinking, Initiative and Teamwork skills 

The group project topics are based on “Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016-2025” by Sitra. The topics for groups are: 


  1. Circular economy: sustainable food system 
  2. Circular economy: Forest-based loops 
  3. Circular economy: Technical loops 
  4. Circular economy: Transport and logistics 

Each group has to: 

  • describe and visualize the chosen topic i.e. in writing and with pictures/diagrams (background, information on the topic and a picture or diagram): background, what needs to be done, solutions, challenges 
  • search for information from different materials and seminars and field visits
  • look for TOP3 solutions globally regarding their topic (companies, products, services, networks etc.), tell why you chose those, what are the benefits, also tell about the possible challenges 
  • plan your own solution(s), tell why and how you planned this/these, what are the benefits, also tell about the possible challenges
  • write also about the work process and group work (how did it go, challenges, good things). Please also add photos and/or other material of your work process
  • finally document their work in electronic format (report) and present it in the final seminar (presentation) 

Practical information: 

  • Submission for both by the final seminar 19.8.2022 noon to 
  • Report:
    • In pdf format.
    • Max 15 pages of content (additionally you can have the front page, list of content & sources).
    • Please focus on the content, not the length
    • Sources to be marked.
  • Presentation: 
    • Based on the report 
    • with prezi, powerpoint or other format 
    • max 15 slides 
    • max 20 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for comments and discussion 
  • Other information: 
    • Please use the materials given on the course as sources. Additionally you can look for other sources also.
    • Please include notes from the seminars and field visits as sources.
    • Please include your own thinking and ideas.