Individual task 2022


TASK 2 / Individual task: Me as a circular economy expert 

Individual work: on scale 0-5 (0=fail-5=excellent) (40% of the grade) 

Assessment criteria: Depth of discussion. 

Topics to cover in task 1: 

  • What is your study field? 
  • Who is an expert? Look for definitions of an expert and write about your own ideas
  • Who can be an expert in a field that requires multi-disciplinarity and cooperation? 
  • What did you learn on each of the field visits? 
  • How is this connected to your own field of study and how could you develop yourself in this topic? 
  • How do you see the future of your study field regarding circular economy? What kind of companies and innovations could there be? 


  • An essay 
  • In pdf format 
  • Max 10 pages (additionally you can have the front page, list of content & sources). Please note that this really is the maximum. Please focus on the content, not the length 
  • sources to be marked 
  • return by email to  
  • you can return it on the final day of the course or at the latest 30th of August