My REHA experience: a guide for sustainable travel for students and staffs


I am a three years’ business and administrations student from France. I took part in the research Hatchery project at Turku University of Applied Sciences during the spring semester 2019. We were a group of five students from different countries and fields, we were from Spain Austria and France and study environmental engineer, law and business. Our team was international and multi-disciplinary. The task was given by Anu Härkönen, the headquarter of international affairs in TUAS. The task was to provide a guide for sustainable travel for students and staffs. The objective was to create a support that TUAS can reuse to promote sustainability and to make student active. As Turku will become carbon neutral in 2022, it is the right time to initiate some tips to be in the same direction.

In our today society, it is not easy to catch the intention for a subject like that. People are not reading pages and pages about this subject. So as a support, we decided to create a short video with tips in transportation, food, accommodation, shopping, and awareness. To make the video more interesting and easy to watch, we added some interviews of students and experts. Our information was based on researches, surveys, and interviews. Interviews with experts were really interesting and exchanges were deep. We also created a folder as paper support that can be used in the TUAS website but that can be also printed. Our main goal was to give easy and daily life tips that can be applied by everyone without being any difficulties.

The experience was really instructive as a real-life project. You learn by doing, researching and by the others. Working with students from different countries and field is an advantage, the different visions and ways of thinking create innovative ideas. Even if the communication is not always easy as English was not our mother tongue, we had a really good collaboration between students, teachers and, experts. The great mood and the team spirit we had made our team an efficient team. I was really happy to be part of this project and be active for our future planet. I hope that every TUAS students and staffs will consider our tips to respect our planet.

Caroline de Saint Rapt