For companies

CE Lab is Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) innovation platform for companies. It consists of students from various different majors who make different experiments and projects tailored to your company’s needs.

The goal of CE Lab is to help companies find a new business idea in circular economy field.

CE Lab is aimed at companies of all sizes in all industries, which are

  • interested in the opportunities offered by the circular economy
  • encouraged to cooperate with motivated university students

How to get involved?

Business cooperation can begin in many different ways. Sometimes companies contact TUAS themselves, but occasionally cooperation can be established through the university networks.

Interested in cooperation?

Contact us:

What kind of experiments are there?

Experiments can be diverse depending on the company’s needs. The time required from a company may vary from a day-to-day workshop to multi-month development projects.

The results of the experiments

At the beginning of the experiment, the company will define, together with the university, which objectives are set for co-development. At the same time, it is agreed what form the company wants to have the experiment results available in.