Courses and studies

Students can do many kinds of studies in the team’s project learning environment, projects and courses. Students gain credits, knowhow and business contacts.

We offer the following modules – some are unfortunately not available in English:

Every autumn, Circular economy 15 ECT

  • KI00BR05 Circular economy
  • KI00BR06 Kiertotalouden menetelmät
  • KI00BR07 Kiertotalouden liiketoiminta käytännössä

Every spring Climate change 15 ECTS

  • TE00BT85 basics
  • TE00BT84 Climate change guest lecture series
  • TE00BR31

Every spring Waste Management and Life Cycle Assessmentt 15 ECTS (in sping in 2024, after that always in autumn)

  • 5100BI77 Waste management in practice
  • 5100BI79 Global waste management
  • LC00BS48 Elinkaariarviointi / Life-cycle assessment

Anytime:  Project studies on Circular economy

  • TE00CK10-3001 Project studies on Circular economy 5-10 ects

Every now and then a research hatchery 

  • TE00BQ93 Research Hatcheries on Circular Economy, 2-10 ECT

Master school study programmes

A previous course: Circular Economy, Turku Summer School summer 2022, 5 ECT

  • more information about the course here

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