CarbonWise helps companies fight climate change


Companies have woken up to climate change and to the necessary actions they need to take to slow it down. The raising environmental awareness of clients and consumers affects their buying decisions. Increasing environmental awareness and carbon footprint reduction goals are also affecting companies’ supply chains and subcontracting. CarbonWise project promotes awareness about companies’ carbon footprint, how to decrease it and how to utilize carbon wise strategy to create competitive advantage considering the opportunities of circular economy. Carbon wise business takes energy efficiency and product life cycle into account, with lowest possible impact on the environment.

In CarbonWise project makes it possible for companies to be more aware of what their carbon footprint consists of and how to follow the different parameters of their carbon footprint. With this project, the environmental expertise in companies will increase notably. CarbonWise enables companies to decrease their carbon footprint during and after the project. As a result, CarbonWise affects significantly the use of natural resources in the companies and the city.

Project CarbonWise promotes the carbon wisdom of Kupittaa campus area. In Turku University of Applied Sciences, carbon wisdom will be increased by involving not only the companies, but personnel, students and real estate companies. All project stakeholders will be able to tell what they want and to try new products and services as well as to develop them together. Different actors in the area of Kupittaa campus will receive information about their own opportunities to be carbon wiser when considering food, transportation, purchases, usage of real estates, green areas and sharing of goods.

More information about CarboWise:

Maarit Jaakola, Turku University of Applied Sciences