Circular Economy Innovation Camp


Intensive camp brought out the best of us: Reflections on the Circular Economy Innovation Camp

We embarked on an intensive one-weekend course on the Circular Economy, preceded by two weeks of preparation. LSJH, the project owner, added a unique perspective to our learning experience. What pleasantly surprised us, was our exceptional teamwork. Collaborative spirits ran high, as we shared ideas, debated concepts, and brainstormed solutions with a common goal – promoting sustainability.

Despite its brevity, the course left an indelible mark. It ignited our passion for the circular economy and our commitment to making a difference. This experience was a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential for positive change. Our newfound knowledge has inspired us to take steps toward a more sustainable and circular world.

Here we share some thoughts about working together on this kind of project.


This course gave me more than I expected, especially in terms of teamwork skills. I haven’t had many groupwork experiences as good as I had with Annukka and Lauri. We quickly found common ground together although we were completely new to each other. This was primarily because all of us were highly motivated to make the project a success. Our motivation was fueled by the fact that our assignment from Lounais-Suomen jätehuolto was really interesting. We also had the incentive of a free trip to Japan for the winning team, haha! However, I think the biggest impact was that I was fortunate to be a part of a team with two very skilled and collaborative people.

Annukka has extensive experience in both group work and presentations. I learned a lot of new ways to distribute tasks and handle workloads efficiently in a short time from her. And Lauri made a huge difference in terms of our team spirit thanks to his amazing people skills. He could read the room and maintain an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere throughout the project. Together we formed a very functional and efficient team.

This experience changed my views on group work for the better in many ways and I’m glad to have it with me on any projects to come. If you ever get a chance to go to the Circular Economy Innovation Camp, I highly recommend you take it!


Although I initially had not worked together with Olga and Annukka, we quickly formed a cohesive team during the project’s brainstorming phase. Creating a supportive atmosphere made collaboration effortless. Our common bond lay in our enthusiasm for tackling challenges and our unwavering commitment to achieving exceptional results, involving a late-night work session.

Olga made an impressive contribution to our team, forging connections from the start despite our prior unfamiliarity. Her strong communication skills significantly contributed to our positive and collaborative team dynamics. Olga’s dedication to our shared goals drove her to go the extra mile to ensure the project’s success. Her commendable work ethic and teamwork skills were evident throughout.

Annukka exhibited outstanding teamwork skills throughout the project. Her collaborative approach effectively aligned our efforts toward a shared goal. Annukka’s talent for project structuring had a significant impact on our outcome, ensuring smooth project flow. Her dedication to excellence permeated all aspects of her work and was instrumental in our project’s success.

From the left: Olga Rönkä, Lauri Haapanen, Annukka Kinnari


This project was truly intensive. Due to our tight schedules, we only managed to hold two meetings before the weekend workshop where we primarily brainstormed ideas. I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of ideas we all brought to the table and how seamlessly they aligned. Right from the outset, we shared a common vision: realizing that creating a more sustainable, circular economy necessitates a shift in our perceptions of used and upcycled items. We recognized the importance of changing our culture and mindset before we can genuinely establish a fully functioning circular economy.

Collaborating with Lauri and Olga was an immensely rewarding experience. Both showed remarkable patience and were willing to adapt their working styles to accommodate mine. I admired Lauri for his openness in expressing himself when he needed a break. This gesture proved invaluable, especially considering the stress we all felt due to our tight schedule. Those breaks benefited us, and we managed to complete the presentation smoothly. It was truly an exceptional experience. I was astounded by how well we complemented each other and how seamlessly we collaborated, despite this being our first time working together on a project.


All in all, even though we did not win the price, we enjoyed this experience very much and learned a lot about circular economy too.

Olga Rönkä, Lauri Haapanen & Annukka Kinnari