French Erasmus exchange student: being a trainee in Circular Economy 2.0.


During my Erasmus exchange I discovered Finland which is a country in which the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy is very important because it limits the impact of human activities on the environment.

I had the opportunity to be in this group in which there are different teams that have different goals and roles. Everyone could work together, or small groups can be formed especially after projects that can create affinities.

For example, one of my tasks was to define the circular economy in detail, another was to give as much information as possible about the circular economy in France. By researching the circular economy in France, I was able to compare the French situation with the Finnish one in terms of standards and laws that accompany this notion. Yet another was to present the way of working and studying in France in order to share it to other students of the group who might be brought to spend an exchange stay in France or bring to work here.

Moreover, every member of the research group could participate in a cultural project called knitted graffiti. I had to make flowers and leaves out of wool using a crochet hook, so I had to learn to crochet. However, I didn’t have the material required to crochet so I had to ask another member of the group for help. This friend helped me by providing me with various balls of wool at my home, but she also provided me with video tutorials in order to be able to make the requested shapes.

It also gave me the opportunity to learn many things about self-management, especially because of the distance work. I had to manage the number of hours I worked and the tasks I wanted to accomplish. Moreover, I was able to develop my level of English through the numerous meetings in English that I had to attend but also through the tasks that I had to perform and present. I was able to discover a new culture which is the Finnish culture in which the circular economy is very important as well as the respect of nature and others.

Moreover, I had the opportunity to meet many people who are very rich in history and joy. Despite the fact that my internship took place at a distance, the social side was not diminished, which allowed me to develop my ability to work in a group and to understand the intentions and wishes of others. There was also lots of meetings with members of the group just to talk about everything and share moments together.

Alexandra Rossignol.