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Managing the carbon footprint of cleaning

  Arkea Oy, which is responsible for cleaning services at the Kupittaa campus area, investigated in cooperation with Turku University of Applied Sciences the carbon footprint of ICT-city's......

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Coffee production in the middle of climate change

 Climate change is a danger which threatens the entire globe. As it grows stronger, it already causes the melting of glaciers, a rise in the sea levels, extreme circumstances and heatwaves. All......

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French Erasmus exchange student: being a trainee in Circular Economy 2.0.

During my Erasmus exchange I discovered Finland which is a country in which the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy is very important because it limits the impact of human activities......

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Circular Economy Course, Turku Summer School 2022

Course programmeCourse takes place every day during 8.-19.8.2022. A more detailed programme here (changes updated to the document/link).Course locationTurku UAS, Turku, Finland,  EduCity, room......

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