Circular business models research group turned 10 years old - Circular economy 2.0 is now the Circular economy lab

Kiertotalouden liiketoimintamallit -tutkimusryhmän jäsenet luokkakuvassa.

The 10th anniversary of the Circular business models research group was celebrated on Friday, January 26, 2024, in the coffee room on the fourth floor of EduCity. There were fifty friends of the research group at the party: collaborators, alumni and students of the learning environment run by the research group, as well as colleagues from Turku UAS.

At the party, the history of the research group was heard as well as happy and touching speeches, which reminded, among other things, of the research group’s sense of community and closeness to people. The DJ was in charge of the party music and the atmosphere was warm as old acquaintances from years ago gathered together. There were also memories: for example, Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto donated 400 m2 of Finnish protected primeval forest to the research group.

Circular economy lab brings together the expertise and services of the research group

In connection with the celebration, the new name of the Circular Economy 2.0 learning environment led by the research group, Circular economy lab (Kiertotalouslabra), was revealed. The learning environment has as long a history as the research group: it was also founded 10 years ago.

The name change was decided at this point for several different reasons: the number of business collaborations is growing strongly and the name lab is clearer and more understandable for external partners. Over the years, it has also become apparent that the previous name “2.0” did not really open up to partners. The name “2.0” is based on the understanding that in order to succeed in the circular economy, global justice and sustainable development at the level of society as a whole must also be taken into account.

The many names of the research group

The roots of the research group go back to 2012, when the Sales and Corporate Responsibility R&D team was established at Turku University of Applied Sciences. In 2013, the name changed to the Corporate Responsibility Research Group, and in 2014 the name became the Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility Research Group. This can be thought of as the beginning of the current research group. In 2015, the name changed again (Resource-efficient business), until in 2019 the name was established as the Circular Business Models research group. Despite several name changes, the focus of the research group has always been the development of business based on the circular economy and the creation of a better world, although the perspective and tools have always changed slightly over the years.

The research group currently has ten members, and since 2023 it has been led by Annika Holmbom, MSE, Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration. Previously, until 2023, the head of research was lecturer, M.Sc. [econ]. Piia Nurmi. The research group supports companies in the circular economy transition, and the students of the Circular Economy Lab learning environment are a close part of the research group’s work. In the research group, you can grow into a circular economy professional together with experts and other students.

You can get in touch with the research group in the future by sending a message to the address

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